Welcome To I.B. Smart Start School

  • Principal Desk :-

    Dear parents

     I extend a very hearty welcome to you for being a part of I.B. Smart Start a premier institute of education and sports.
     Your trust and support has encouraged us to give an environment that demands the excellence in working.

     The school is committed to promote high standards of learning for life by working with all pupils, to ensure that  each child develops a level of knowledge, skills and attitudes which prepares them for life in a diverse world  and also develops an enquiring mind through a spirit of enthusiasm for learning.

      In pursuit of these aims the school is committed to provide:-

    • • Holistic curriculum.
    • • An orderly yet stimulating learning environment.
    • • Structured teaching with differentiated learning  opportunities
    • • An appropriate range of resources for learning.
    • • Quality assessment of pupil’s performance across the curriculum.
    • • An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed.
    • • Learning partnerships involving school, home and the wider community.
    • • An enriching programme of extra – curriculum activities and visits.
    • • Highly qualified, dedicated and motivated staff.

    The school demonstrates its commitment to work by:-

    • • Striving for continuous improvement in all areas.
    • • Working collaboratively towards common goals.
    • • Providing opportunities for the professional development of its faculty.

    Looking forward to your continued support and wishing you a successful academic year


    I.B. Smart Start