Welcome To I.B. Smart Start School

  • Our Objectives :

    Education here is for life, not just the classroom. Our children leave us confident and well mannered, with essential life skills such as the ability to interact with people and work as part of a team.
    Our academic achievements are consistently High but We believe a child ’s happiness and well-being is as important as his or her academic success. We provide children with an environment in which to explore and develop their talents – no matter what these may be.
    Our children are encouraged, with our guidance, to try a wide variety of activities in order to develop their abilities without the fear of failure.

    Our Aim :

    • To provide a warm, caring environment in which children can safely grow and develop

    • To plan a range of experiences which will challenge and motivate young children

    •To promote the development of the individual, yet encourage her/him to co-operate as a member of a larger group

    • To make the transition from home to the Early Years to full-time school as smooth and problem free as possible