Welcome To I.B. Smart Start School

  • Extensive curriculum :

    Nursery and K G are staffed by teachers who are specially qualified in Early Years education, with a high teacher to student ratio. This is a crucial time in the life of young children as they take their first steps towards independence. Their social and emotional needs are sensitively nurtured in a happy, secure environment.
    The education provided is specifically designed to match each child’s needs, so that child initiated play and teacher-directed activities are thoughtfully planned and carefully balanced.
    Full-time education starts in the first class and from this point, class teachers and their assistants provide a rich and stimulating environment where curiosity and enthusiasm to learn are fostered. With class sizes small, students are assured personal attention and are motivated to achieve their best.
    Apart from numeracy and literacy, many other subjects are taught in cross-curricular themes, often using topic work.
    Children are encouraged to present and perform to each other regularly in class and to parent’s in assemblies and concerts, helping to build their confidence and their communication skills. On leaving the Prep School at seven years old the vast majority, if not all of our children have attained a reading age in excess of two years above their actual age.
    Our extensive curriculum ensures that each pupil will find an area in which they excel. Alongside more traditional subjects like Maths and English, we offer Languages, ICT, Art and Design, Drama, Music and Sport, all of which are integral to the life of the school. All classes regularly participate in a programme of visits, workshops and field trips to support their learning.

    Art and craft -

    Creativity and energetic self-expression are encouraged throughout the school.

    Drama -

    Drama has its own place within the curriculum with timetabled lessons from Form class 1. Children perform regularly to other pupils and to parents. This begins with the school annual function and continues throughout the children’s time at the school. A wide variety of theatre is experienced as the children move up the school – from performing to more practical aspects such as sound and lighting.

    Music -

    In lessons taught by specialist staff from Nursery to class 2, all children are encouraged to build a deeper appreciation of music. As well as group performances of various kinds – choirs, orchestras, ensembles and rock bands - individual attention is offered in voice and in a range of instruments. Music is an integral part of school life..