Welcome To I.B. Smart Start School

  • Circulars :

     19th July
    Skipping Competition
     22nd July  
    Draw & colour
     27th July
     29th July  
    World Tiger’s Day. Importance of Tigers
     29th July  
    Parents day Celebration
     08th August  
    Teej Celebration (Paper Craft & Kite Decoration Competition)
    14th August   
    Fancy Dress & Slogan Recitation Competition
    15th August  
    Independence Day Celebration
    19th August 
    Raksha Bandhan Celebration (Rakhi Decoration Competition)
    24st August 
    29th August  
    Swimming Competition
    05th September
    Teacher’s Day Celebration
    11th September 
    Calligraphy Competition  (English+Hindi)
    28th September
    30th September 
    Brain Teaser Competition
    01 Oct 2013 
    Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
    09 Oct 2013
    Join the dots & colour (Nur) 
    11 Oct 2013
    Hop Race (Nur)
    11 Oct 2013
    Balance Race (K.G.) 
    * N/A
    100 M Race for I & II
    Annual Function
    100 M race of Ist class, Balance race of 2nd class.
    Deepawali Celebration
    Children’s Day  
    Relay Race
    18 to 26 -12-2013  
    Musical Chair Compitition
    Christmas Carnival
    Crawl Race
    Block Pile Race
    Talent hunt Show
    Badminton Compition 
    Rose Day (Students will bring Red Rose Bud).
    Chocolate Day & Pizza ((Students will bring Chocolate& Pizza in their lunch)
    Teddy Day (Students will bring a small Teddy)
    Valentine’s Day Pink Day (Students will come in Pink dress & bring Pastry, Brownie, Pasta etc)  in lunch
     Class-Nur&K.G “ Class-Nur&K.G Fun-Day”after “Sixth Evaluation test”. Student will come in Party Dress;and will bring Fruit cake (Small), Raw Sandwich, Fruit Juice in lunch and water bottle.
     For Class 1st& 2nd There will be “Fair-well Party” for students of class 2nd thrown by students of class 1st on 13 .03. 2014 after” sixth Evaluation test ”. Students will come in Party Dress. Submit Rs. 50/- for the same by 07.03.2014to class teacher. Students of class 1st will bring a” Best wishes card” and students of class 2nd will bring a “Candle” on 13.03.2014.
    14-03- 2014
    The school is going to organize a day trip to “Satyam Mall” on 14th MARCH 2014, within school hours. Send your ward in school uniform along with lunch box and water bottle only Charges: - Rs 250/--per student. Last date to submit amount to the class teacher is 10th MARCH  2014. There will be holiday for other students (not paid for Satyam Mall”) on 14th MARCH 2014.
    Things to enjoy-----------
    1-Dragon                      2-Train                              3-Airplane
    4-Ballgame                  5-Elephantride                6-Basketball game
    7-Hockey                     8-Gift Machine                9-Video game
    7D Theater (Animation movie)
      *     Refreshment.
    07-04- 2014
    1. Brush your teeth twice a day.
    2. Laughter is the best medicine.
    3. Water is important for health.
    4. Trim your nails regularly.
    5. Wash your hands before & after every meal.
    01 to 07-05-2014 Nutritious Food Health Week 
    05-05-2014  Drawing Competition by SBI Life Insurance 
    08-05-2014  Mother’s Day Celebration 
    09 to 20-05-2014  Evaluation -1 
    12 to 15-05-2014   Relay Race and Musical Chair 
    25-05-2014  Summer Holidays 
    07-07-2014  School Reopen