Welcome To I.B. Smart Start School

Message from our Founder / Chairman Desk ::-

An Introduction to our School
As soon as you arrive at I.B. Smart Start you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional, with a range and quality of facilities few can equal. We aim to give every student an Education for Life, with academic achievement as its core but with social and life skills at its heart.
I.B. Smart Start provides an education for life. We focus on developing the whole person, aiming to ensure that each student leaves here ready for the challenges of life at university and beyond
We are all extremely proud of our school with its history and exceptional achievements. Students of all abilities thrive in our challenging, supportive, relaxed and friendly environment, where our aim is to encourage personal individual success and to expect maximum commitment in all activities.
I.B. Smart Start helps children by offering an exceptionally wide range of experiences coupled with excellent teaching, As the founder of IB school I expect all students to play their part as best as they can, to aspire to excellence in everything they do and always to remember that they are part of a very special community. A sense of belonging has been part of the School's ethos since foundation and, although times have changed, that and our shared values remain constant in our emphasis on developing the whole person. We have a professional duty to develop the mind, body and spirit of every child, through academic study, the arts, extra-curricular and sporting activities. Visitors to I.B. Smart Start are invariably struck by our students' confidence, enthusiasm and good manners. Small class sizes and a dedicated professional staff enable each individual child to reach full academic potential, while benefiting from a broad based cultural and sporting curriculum We are so proud of I B S, Welcome to I.B. Smart Start – the journey begins here!

Founder / Chairman
Amarjit Dhull
(IB School)